The importance of a good mix

A mix can make or break a track. For unsigned artists and home producers, mixing is an essential catalyst for a record deal. For professional engineers, exceptional mixing skills earn vast amounts of money and put them in demand by the biggest acts.

A secret art

For years, mixing has been an elusive art reserved to professional engineers working in top studios. Thanks to improving DAW performance, many more are mixing nowadays - many do so at their own project studio. Despite this fact, mixing resources have always been lacking and mixing was never rewarded with a comprehensive book. Until now, that is.

The ultimate resource

Mixing Audio was conceived to provide a complete resource on mixing. The book's content spans from basic concepts (eg, the four-band division of the frequency spectrum) to advanced techniques (eg, dynamic equalization) and there are tips and trick all along. It unveils both the science (eg, stabilizing the mix) and the art (eg, mixing vision and creative aspects) this fascinating field entails. While providing the most rounded coverage on mixing tools, it encompass both theory (eg, how exactly the attack on a compressor works) and practice (eg, how to add punch to a kick using the attack).

Pack full of illustrations and audio samples

The discussed topics are illustrated with nearly 300 illustrations and exemplified using more than 2000 audio samples that ship on the accompanying DVD. These, in addition to promoting sonic comprehension, sharpen the readers critical listening skills, which are ever so important quality for those crafting mixes.

4 sample mixes

Finally, 4 sample mixes, their dedicated chapters and more than a 1000 audio samples provide a demonstration of how everything is put into practice for the creation of a professional sounding mixes. It is an invaluable insight what mixing is really about.